The Numbers Are In!

Well folks…. it was another GREAT month at Miracle Mile in January of 2013!  Over 2 TONS of Pastrami sold and over 1 TON of Corned Beef, as well as ANOTHER TON of Brisket of Beef were consumed by our customers in the month of January!  A special thanks to Phoenix Suns player, Channing Frye, for following us on Twitter after asking where to get the best pastrami in town… several of our loyal customers tweeted back with Mr. Frye and told him that he could not look anywhere else BUT Miracle Mile! The power of social media never ceases to amaze me. 

I always look forward to sharing these incredible numbers with you all and hope you enjoy hearing about them. I know it sounds sort of weird, and I am sure hard to believe at times…It’s ALOT of Beef!  Thank you to you all and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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