August 13, 2012

Success for John!

During the week of August 6th, Miracle Mile Deli pledged to fight for John.  Just a short time ago, John was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Only 29 years young, John's disease is actually rare for his age. Thankfully, his life is full of love and great company with a fiancée, a son, a sister, Tiffany Hilburn (also known as Miss Scottsdale, as well as the rest of his fantastic close and extended family.


A long-time supporter of Miracle Mile Deli, Tiffany Hilburn, shared the news of her brother's condition with us and we couldn't imagine not helping their cause.  We quickly decided to dedicate the New Yorker to John, as well as a fundraising day on August 9th, 2012.

It turns out that the New Yorker was a great pick for this week, as it's Tiffany's favorite sandwich as well!

On the 9th, our lines were filled with hungry folks ready to help. We served over 500 people in just two hours and so pleased with our staff for not missing a beat.

We couldn't be more proud of the turn-out to help in this fight, and we appreciate all of those who spread the word about our fundraiser.  All of that hard work paid off, as we raised over $1,000 for John.  Friends and family from far and near came to dine, raise money, and take photos with the lovely Miss Scottsdale.

Everyone in the family was all smiles during this testing time and that is what is so magical about the community coming together.  We were honored to also see John and his family that night for dinner. The Garcia gang also took part in the evening festivities.

From the bottom of our pastrami hearts, we would like to thank everyone their generosity. MMD loves to support the community, and what better way than through food?

After such an incredible week at Miracle Mile Deli, the fight for John continues at  Any donation is greatly appreciated.  Stay informed about John's condition from Tiffany's blog on

We wish John the very best!

(602) 776-0992

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