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Brooklyn to Tucson

Our story begins in 1949, when our founder, Jack, along with his wife and children, arrived in Tucson, Arizona from Brooklyn, New York.

Upon his arrival, Jack spent the first few days in Tucson searching for a business he could purchase to support his family. When he could not find a business he liked, he took a bus ride to Phoenix.

Across the street from the bus stop in Phoenix, there was a small restaurant called Pat’s Café which specialized in typical “Arizona” type food such as chicken fried steak and liver & onions.

A Bus Stop in Phoenix

After four hours of searching, Jack returned to the bus stop and purchased the existing café.

Two years after Pat’s Café was operating in 1951, Jack and his two sisters purchased Herman’s Corned Beef Junction at McDowell Road and 16th Street. This outlying area from 7th Street to 24th Street on McDowell Road was the first business district to be developed away from the downtown area.

It Became Known as the Miracle Mile

A few months after the “Miracle Mile” name became familiar with the surrounding community, Jack decided to change the name of Herman’s Corned Beef Junction to Miracle Mile so that everyone would remember the location.

George “The Busboy” Garcia

In 1965, Jack opened another location at Chris-Town Shopping Center. This location is where George & Jill Garcia (the current President & his wife) met each other.

George came into the Miracle Mile business as a “busboy” at age 15, and worked his way to the top.

George and Jill married in the spring of 1981 and shortly thereafter, started running the business as Jack took a more limited role.

Three Generations of Tradition

Currently, George and Jill have now begun to enjoy life outside of the restaurant business, while Josh (their son) oversees much of the day to day operations.

With Miracle Mile proudly into its third generation, and over seventy years of being in the Valley, the “old days” of Miracle Mile have since become a memory.

However, the Miracle Mile tradition still continues as the Garcia Family carries on the name with pride, offering consistently delicious food, reasonable prices and great service in a family friendly atmosphere!


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