September 6, 2012

A Positive Outlook!

Over the last 3 months, it been challenging as a "business owner" to have a positive outlook on where our economy is headed and how we can possibly see an end to this terrible economic state.  Summers in Phoenix for most people are obviously unbearable with the 110 + degree temps...why leave the air conditioned building if you don't have to right?  People eat less during the summer because it is really hot out, and apparently people don't eat as much when it is hot out (unfortunately not the case for me personally because I love food.)  It can be frustrating to look at the big picture and focus on all of the small details that can drive a restaurant owner crazy with

increases in food prices on our end, that unfortunately sometime in the near future, we will have to pass on a small percentage onto the customer (which is the absolute last option for our business to have to do, but necessary at this state to stay in business). But I truly believe that there is a light at the end of this dark and long tunnel.  Upon popular request, I have included an updated photo of my children, which I feel is a perfect compliment to this topic because they are my light(s), along with my wife.  They are the ones who keep me motivated to stay positive and remember who and why we as Americans work as hard as we do!  Children are a constant reminder of the small things in life that can overshadow the bad things with a simple smile, a hug, a kiss or in Baby Jack's case... a fart (he's a very gassy boy)!

I want to believe that with a positive attitude and mindset, we will prevail over this together. It's not the people in Washington that control the American destiny, it's the great people of this country that control it! It's working HARD (not hardly working and checking Facebook 20 times a day at your desk).  I know this has absolutely nothing to do about the food business but with these "National Conventions" taking place all of last week and this week,  I have to believe that it's not ONE man who will change how our people of this country choose to live their is the people of this country who will determine how they want to see their future, their dreams, their destiny!  The United States of America did not become the world's most powerful country because of Facebook & Twitter...but the hard work, determination and dedication to achieve a goal or fulfill a dream!

My goal (like the goals of many middle class American people) is to be able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for my family and for them to be proud of me.  My wife has the most difficult job in the world and does it incredibly well as a fantastic mother to our two beautiful children.  She loves being a Mom and I am happy that she is able to teach our children at an early age, what hard work is how you have to work hard in order to succeed.  I know that there are millions of moms, just like my wife, that teach their children the meaning of hard work everyday... I just hope that never changes.

Sometimes I am embarrassed of my generation of people (20-30 years old), that expect life to be given to them on a silver be able to do the least amount of work possible for the largest paycheck possible....That is NOT how I was raised and I hope this thought process does not continue, or else we are all in trouble.

This is probably a terrible blog post that just jumps around and rants on different tangents I know. But I felt like I needed to get this off of my chest and I know when my brain is in better spirits, I will be able to write a more efficient post that will have a set purpose and perhaps be a little more motivational!  Work hard people!!! If we work hard, things will turn around... If you don't want to work hard, we are going to be in this dark tunnel for a long while!  Be appreciative of the little things (like your kids and family), work hard, put your nose to the grind and things are bound to get better soon! Keep your head up, stay positive and be the BEST person you can be from the second you get out of bed, until the moment you get back in it (hopefully that's not after you hit the snooze button first thing in the morning)!

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