December 28, 2012

Having A New Year's Party?

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Hello Everyone -

I know it's been MORE than awhile since I have posted something on our Blog.  Long story short, I know everyone says it but I think that there needs to be MORE than 24 hours in a day. That or either our bodies should be able to run on NO SLEEP whatsoever.  Just think about how much more could get done in our lives if we didn't have to sleep.  But I know I have to get better about blogging and keeping you guys in the loop!

Hope everyone's holidays were happy and healthy!  My family has been a little "under the weather" over the last few weeks, so it has been a constant battle to get everyone healthy in our family.  We have made trips to the ER, have had pediatrician friends that have been kind enough to come over to our home to check the kids out, and several trips to the pediatrician's office for the kids.  The trick is us not getting sick...(which I have been thankful that I haven't contracted anything thus far...knock on wood)

In case you are having a New Year's Party and wanted something different, I wanted to suggest checking out our Party Trays for your festivities at, and have something delicious straight from our kitchen to your home! Nothing fresher or tastier than some Miracle Mile on the table for a BIG NIGHT! (There's My Plug!)

It was an interesting holiday season for us at the Miracle Mile Family! We said goodbye to a great employee of ours at our Colonnade location, Jon.  Jon had been with us for over 10 years at our Colonnade location, but decided to move back to his hometown to be with his family that moved away a few years ago.  He worked our "Cold Sandwich" position in our main line for a long time, and wish him nothing but the best in all of his future endeavors.  It is always hard saying goodbye to a great employee and friend as a business owner...never easy. But we know he is happy and will be able to be a great Dad again to his children and provide for his family while also being able to watch them grow up (which you cannot put a price tag on)!

Thanks to our wonderful customers, our stores were busy and hopefully we had a lot of happy bellies leaving the premises.  Our catering business was great and hopefully will only pickup from where December is ending.  We sold over 6,000 pounds of pastrami in the month of December, so we are assuming that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the holidays with pastrami in their tummies!  I'm thankful for all of our wonderful customers, our loyal employees and incredible management staff for making this holiday season a successful one for Miracle Mile!

My wife and I got to have a date night for the first time in awhile. December 21st, 2012... the World Did Not End! We went to see the Cavalia Show "Odysseo" under the BIG TOP at Scottsdale Road and the Loop 101.  We partnered with "Odysseo" as a local Scottsdale Restaurant Partner and they treated us like royalty!  Our families will be attending the show as well and it's definitely one that you don't want to miss!  It was a special treat for my wife and I to enjoy a relaxing evening without the kids and watch these amazing horses do some incredible stuff.

The day after we went to "Odysseo", our daughter got sick...then our son got sick...then my wife got sick. So we've all spent the last 6 days on "house arrest", only leaving for food or doctor's appointments.  NOT FUN! I am sure several families with children are enduring the same stuff as it is going around strong. Ugh.  I have missed several day of work taking care of our family and ensuring that the kids are okay.  Sophie had a stomach virus and Jack has an ear infection.  Niether are fun by any means but hopefully they are on the road to recovery after a week.

All of us on the Miracle Mile Team wish all of you a very happy and healthy New Year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2013!


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