January 16, 2013

How 'bout some Meat?!?

Another successful year of meat sold for the Miracle Mile Family!  Prepare yourselves for the year end numbers!  In 2012, Miracle Mile sold over 72,000 pounds of pastrami, as well as 60,000 pounds of corned beef and beef brisket! Oh yeah... and French Fries... over 150,000 pounds!  While we are on that topic, Miracle Mile also sold over 40,000 kaiser rolls and 55,000 onion rolls in 2012! YES...these are real numbers!! A huge THANK YOU to our incredible and loyal customers for making 2012 another great year for Miracle Mile and we are ready and prepared to make 2013 just as great!   On the dessert side of things... we sold over 3,000 slices of our amazing carrot cake and chocolate fudge cake, as well as over 4,000 slices of our homemade bread pudding!  Is your mouth watering yet? Our mouths are always watering...  Thanks again and we will be sure to keep you all posted on what's new and coming soon to the Miracle Mile Menu!  Very cool stuff... THINK EAST COAST!The Triple Decker

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