January 24, 2013

A little Sophie love...

Hello Friends -

Typically I don't like to mix family and business, but truly this is my only platform to which I can inform you all directly and hopefully get some positive feedback from those who care. It's been a frustrating couple of months for our family. We had a rough holiday season with our daughter Sophie.  Sophie is 3 years old and was diagnosed with "neophobia" (a food phobia or a food aversion).  She does eat much of anything besides dry ramen noodles and baby formula and is literally falling off the growth chart for a kid her age.  Since birth, Sophie was a finicky baby...she wouldn't take a whole bottle in one sitting, was constantly up all night long requiring constant feedings, and never truly seemed satisfied with the entire process of eating or drinking.  We thought she would out grow it seeing that most kids are just "picky" eaters that enjoy a few foods but will still eat like a normal kid.  Being in our family with 2 restaurants, the ONE THING every child in our family should be able to do is eat! Over time, Sophie's anxiety around food has gotten stronger and stronger, with her "cravings" being less and more foods leaving her diet.

The beginning of December, Sophie was admitted into the Phoenix Children's Hospital Intensive Feeding Therapy Program (a program that we had waited 6 months to get into) and she lasted 2 weeks before the doctors and therapists agreed that Sophie's problem was beyond anything that they could help her with and suggested that we begin to start researching out of state treatment options. At the end of December, Sophie got a terrible stomach virus and didn't eat for 6 days (by her choice of course... we aren't terrible parents that were starving our child...please don't report us to CPS).  We were admitted into Phoenix Children's Hospital for 3 days, where Sophie received IV fluids for dehydration and antibiotics to help with her ability to recover from this virus more quickly. Since being released, Sophie hasn't eaten any of her old favorite foods (i.e. cheese its, goldfish, lay's potato chips etc.)  All of her foods that she did eat were of a salty, crunchy and dry texture.    Now, other than ramen noodles or formula, she isn't even trying any of the other stuff.

This whole process has been very frustrating for our family, as we have tried so many different therapy programs, doctors, foods etc., and nothing has helped our poor little girl.  By looking at her, she looks like a normal, happy kid with a love for life and people.  She is an incredible little girl and we are so grateful that we have that much going for us.  My wife has been an amazing person through this whole process...going to EVERY doctor's appointment and being Sophie's ROCK every step of the way.  I know it has been very frustrating for Desi especially because of the time, energy, effort and stress that she has to go through daily  in attempt to try to get Sophie to eat anything.  Our family has been so supportive and there for all of us every step of the way and I am thankful everyday that they have been there to help us and be there when we need them most.

I know this blog has NOTHING to do with Miracle Mile and indirectly it has something to do with food.  I want everyone to be thankful for happy and healthy children and family members too.  Sophie will hopefully be getting a G-tube soon that will help her receive the caloric intake that is necessary for her to thrive, until she is able to eat on her own and finds a love for food.  We are very much looking forward to that day that her tummy is full and she can be a "normal" kid.  Sophie has amazing energy and everyone that she has the opportunity to meet immediately falls in love with her.  I am thankful for Sophie, Desi and Jack for teaching me about the importance of family, patience and acceptance.  I am not a patient person by any means and this entire process has taught me alot about the importance of patience, being there for each other when they need it most, and accepting the fact that there is alot you have no control over in life ( Yes, I am a control freak...surprise surprise), and you have to "roll with the punches" sometimes until you reach your goal.  I am looking forward to the next few months and seeing how Sophie will respond to the upcoming events that will affect all of us.

I will try to keep you posted on our future endeavors on this topic as it is important to me and my family.  Thank you for reading and allowing me to share some of my life with you.

-  JG

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