July 25, 2013

It's Been A Long While...

Hello Everyone -

Indeed it has been a LONG time since I have taken the time to blog.  Time has not been on my side as of late, so my apologies for the delay.  I don't think you missed me much, but we have been busy with new business ventures and personal adventures as well.

As far as Miracle Mile is concerned, our NEW MENU has been a HUGE HIT!  Our new sandwiches, salads and burgers have been a tasty success with our new customers as well as our longtime faithful Miracle Mile family members (we really consider some of our longtime customers to be our family)!  I am thankful that people have been so open to trying new items and truly appreciate everyone's honest feedback.  If you haven't tried a new menu item yet, be sure to check out our menu on the site and browse through the items titled "NEW MENU ITEM".

Personally, our family has been through a lot as well.  Our 4-year old daughter, Sophie, underwent successful feeding tube surgery and that has been a massive lifestyle change for all of us.  Getting adjusted to all of us learning how to feed our child via a tube, and Sophie getting used to having a tube in her stomach has been a new lesson for all of us.  For those of you who have "normal" children who can/want to eat, you are very fortunate!  Sophie has been responding well to her new "tubey" (as she likes to call it), and hopefully all will continue to go well and she will start receiving the proper nutrition she needs to grow and thrive like all children should!  We truly appreciate everyone's love and support that was shared when we were in the hospital.  Sophie is home now and doing great and is a huge helper with new "tubey".  My wife has been a huge trooper throughout all of this. I am so proud of her and the amazing job she has done with Sophie throughout this adjustment period.  She never ceases to amaze me as an incredible mother to both Sophie and Jack, and is so supportive of me and our business.   I haven't been home much since Sophie's surgery, due to being a little short staffed lately at both locations...so she has had to do a lot of this on her own and has done an incredible job!  Thank you Desi. I love you.  It's definitely a time consuming process learning about all of this new g-tube stuff, but in the long run it will all be worth it!

Back to business... some disappointing news is that our very popular Blueberry Pomegranate Iced Tea is being discontinued by the manufacturer of that product.  We are in the process of seeking our some new flavors, and would love the feedback from our customers as to what we should carry in place of the Blueberry Tea.

Here are some of the options that have been given to us recently.  Green Lemon, Mango, Passion Fruit, Prickly Pear, Raspberry, Pomegranate Berry, Earl Gray, Green Sunburst, Tropical Passion, and Wild Garden.

All of these flavors are unsweetened teas as currently, our supplier does not carry any pre-sweetened flavored teas.  Let us know which flavors sound appealing to you and which you would most be apt to trying.  Chat with us about it by commenting on the blog, posting a comment on Facebook (facebook.com/miraclemiledeli) or tweet your thoughts to us on Twitter (@miraclemiledeli).

Also, Tuesday, July 30th, is National Cheesecake Day!  Miracle Mile will be celebrating by giving away FREE CHEESECAKE after 3pm on Tuesday (with the purchase of a sandwich or entree) at BOTH LOCATIONS!  Be sure to come and celebrate with us!  It's kind of like a little "Customer Appreciation" too!  Who can say "No" to free cheesecake right? Yummy!

Our catering/party tray business has really picked up lately...which has been awesome! Obviously word is getting around that Miracle Mile provides a great spread at the home and office for a very reasonable price.  It's really hard to believe how many companies advertise that they "cater".. and how many truly know the definition of "catering" to a customer and taking care of ALL of their needs.  Miracle Mile is truly a "one-stop shop" for all of the catering needs.  Sandwiches, Salads, Dessert, Drinks, Plates, Napkins, Forks, Delivery.... we do it all!  Troy, our General Manager at our Camelback Colonnade location, has been a huge asset to the catering team and has done a tremendous job boosting the customer relationships and caring for the specific needs and desires of our customers!  Great job Troy!  Thank you for all of your hard work!  The entire catering team has really stepped up and provided our customers with something to talk about when we deliver an excellent product.  If you should have any questions in regards to Miracle Mile Party Trays, feel free to contact Troy at (602) 776-0992.

I think that's all for now folks.  Let us know what you think about new iced tea flavors!  Join us for FREE CHEESECAKE on Tuesday, July 30th! Have a great weekend and I hope to be back again soon!



(602) 776-0992

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