September 3, 2016

"Go Gold" In September!

Miracle Mile is going to "GO GOLD" throughout the month of September for a very incredible cause.  2016 marks the inaugural year that Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH) has created a "GO GOLD" Campaign to support kids going through pediatric cancer and their families.

GOLD is the official color for pediatric cancer, so PCH created this campaign to spread awareness of pediatric cancer and be able to share some of the local stories of those whose lives are effected most by these life changing battles.

During the entire month of September, Miracle Mile is supporting the "GO GOLD" Campaign by donating $1 of EVERY "Straw" Sandwich sold!  The Miracle Mile Team was trying to think of HOW we could support this special campaign to ensure that PCH would receive the most benefit... We came up with the idea of giving a portion of the proceeds of EVERY single "Straw" sandwich sold... Since the "Straw" is our biggest seller and by far the most popular sandwich on our menu!

We would truly appreciate you helping us support this very special campaign throughout the entire month of September! The more "Straw" sandwiches we sell, the more $$$ we get to donate to PCH and their "GO GOLD" Campaign! For more information about the PCH and this incredible cause, please visit!

Hope to see you all soon to help us support the lives of our local youth who are fighting very important battles of their own!

(602) 776-0992

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