July 3, 2020

Re-Opening Plan for July 6th, 2020!

Hello Everyone -
Just wanted to give you an update on what to expect from MMD's service beginning on Monday, July 6th, 2020.  First of all, we would love to encourage customers to place their takeaway orders in advance via phone or by ordering online at www.MiracleMileDeli.com.  If customers can plan ahead and order via phone or online, this will minimize our takeaway window traffic and allow us to be very efficient with curbside delivery of customer orders.  Takeaway service will be from the takeaway window ONLY.  This will be for customers who choose NOT to order ahead, rather via phone or online.  There will not be any customer access through the front door and the dining room will still be CLOSED until further notice. This is to ensure everyone's safety until we begin to see a decrease in COVID-19 cases throughout the state of Arizona. 
Our goal is to minimize traffic at the takeout window by encouraging people to order online and call us at 602.776.0992 when they arrive at the parking lot so that we can deliver the customer's order curbside to their car, taking payment over the phone in advance, and all we have to is deliver the food to their car in the safest way possible.
When placing an order online, customers will have to submit payment at the time of order submission to enhance efficiency.  Once again, we want to make this process of ordering and receiving your food as easy and as safe as possible for everyone, customers & our staff.  Every single MMD staff member will have gloves & masks, and we will be delivering the food on a tray to minimize contact.  The customer receipt will be stapled to the customer's bag, and our staff will be keeping as much distance as possible and be as safe as possible for everyone's safety. 
We will have a minimum of 2 "delivery runners" to deliver the food to customers' vehicles during operating hours (Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm).  Our team wants to maximize the efficiency and ensure that we can minimize the traffic at the window for social distancing and safety purposes.  If a customer hasn't ordered online or via phone in advance,  they can still order from our convenient takeaway window... but once again, we will kindly request that customers go back to their car after they've placed their order and paid, and wait for their order to be completed and delivered to their car by a MMD staff member, rather than wait by the window. 
We will try to see how this operating method goes beginning on Monday, July 6th and make any necessary adjustments along the way.  If we see this format does not work, we will make necessary changes as we see fit.  Right now, everyone's safety is our #1 priority.  This virus is still very present in our everyday lives, so we are going to see how this method of operation progresses and go from there. 
We will keep you posted should anything change, but we just wanted to give you a glimpse into what you can expect from a customer service point of view for the time being when you allow us the opportunity to serve you.   We hope to create an extremely high level of efficiency and ease of ordering from MMD.  We are delighted to be opening our doors again and hope that for the time being, we can successfully operate with this "format" until the COVID-19 case numbers go down and it's safer to proceed in opening the dining room without any safety concerns. 
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing us at info@miraclemiledeli.com
We truly appreciate all of the love and support and look forward to serving you all very soon!
Have a safe holiday weekend!
Kind Regards,
(602) 776-0992

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